Understanding Challenges With Your EyeglassesUnderstanding Challenges With Your Eyeglasses

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Understanding Challenges With Your Eyeglasses

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3 Ways Parents Can Use Bifocals For Family Activities

As you get older, your eyes may weaken and not be as strong as they used to. Along with the inability to see objects that are far away, you may also have trouble reading or seeing objects that are close up. When participating in family activities, these challenges may hinder your experience and make it harder to fully enjoy them. By visiting an optician, you have the ability to get a prescription for bifocal glasses. These types of glasses can help you see in multiple situations, including three different types of family activities. By browsing through the following three activities, you can learn how bifocal lenses are effective and the best options for various family activities.

Family Picnics

Large family picnics and gatherings are a great time to bond, socialize, and create fun memories with family members. During a picnic, you can see everything that is going on and stay involved with the use of bifocal glasses. One of the main benefits of wearing these glasses is if you're cooking at the picnic. The bottom part of a bifocal lens allows you to easily see objects that are close up. While using a grill, you can easily focus in on the flames and various foods that are cooking on it. This can help prevent burned foods or improper cooking times. Along with seeing close up, the other part of the lens allows you to see family activities in the distance. For example, while you're cooking, you can easily keep an eye on your children while they play or swim in the distance. It's great for multi-tasking during these activities. As you choose a lens, a traditional flat-top style should work fine. With this style, the lens that is used for close objects is situated on the bottom half. It features a straight line across the top so your eyes can easily adjust and focus between the two types of lenses.

Coaching Sports

As your children join various youth leagues, it's common for many parents to volunteer and coach. As a youth coach, there are a lot of tasks that you must follow to keep the team organized and allow games to go smoothly. Wearing bifocals during games and practices can really enhance the way you coach and make it go a lot more smoothly. For example, if you're a Little League baseball coach, bifocals can really help during the game. The bottom part of the lens can be used to help you look through the line-up and keep statistics for hits, pitches, and other data. The top part of the lens allows you to see details on the field like hit balls and various plays.

A doctor can fit you with a bifocal lens that is half and half. Also known as an executive lens, it evenly splits the near and far lens views on the glasses. This allows you to quickly look up and down after each pitch in a game. The large spaces on the lens can let your eyes focus on the paper and then back up for plays. After a few practices, it will be easy to get used to the lens design and best ways for your eyes to transition.

Recreational Activities

When planning out fun days with your children, there are many recreational activities you can all participate in. Being prepared with the proper set of bifocals can help ensure that you have all the visual aids needed to properly see. For example, the whole family may head out of a day of miniature golf. There is actually a special set of bifocals known as the golf bifocal lens. This lens features the visual aid in the bottom corner of the glasses instead of taking up most of the bottom half. While golfing, you can use the lens to look down and focus on a ball with a quick glance instead of moving your whole head. The rest of the lens is ideal for visualizing the course and different mini-golf obstacles.

Along with golfing, the lens can be used for other activities like batting cages, carnival games, or video arcades. When playing video games with your children, the glasses can be used to see both the television in the distance and a controller in your hand. When a golfing bi-focal lens takes up minimal space on the glasses, it allows you to see as much of the television screen while still letting you quickly glance down and spot button labels on a controller. As you get used to the lens, you will easily be able to adjust from near and far transitions.

Visit an eye doctor for more information on bifocal lenses. After an eye exam, a doctor can provide you with the proper lens and frame to fit your needs.