Understanding Challenges With Your EyeglassesUnderstanding Challenges With Your Eyeglasses

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Understanding Challenges With Your Eyeglasses

I have never been overly concerned with my vision, but a few months ago I could tell that something was wrong. I realized that my eyeglasses weren't fitting properly, and that I was getting headaches whenever I would wear them for extended periods of time. To ward off problems, I decided to start looking into common challenges that most people have. I discovered an eye illness that I didn't know I had, and it was all because of a little online research. This blog is all about understanding challenges with your eyeglasses and knowing how to resolve long-standing issues with your eye doctor so that you can live better.


Is Your Smartphone Slowly Blinding You?

These days, most people have a smartphone that they check in on every few minutes. The light from your smartphone screen might seem harmless, but in reality, it could be hurting your eyes. Read on to discover the major problem with smartphone screens and how it could be causing long-term damage to your vision that could cause blindness someday. The Problem With Smartphone Screens Not all smartphone screens are identical, but they all use very similar methods of projecting light. Read More 

5 Tips To Safer Eyes

If you have a lifestyle that may be putting your eyes at an increased risk of damage or injury, you want to first learn what ways you are endangering your eyes and then learn about the things that you can do to protect them from those situations. This article will help you to learn about five of the various ways that you can go about protecting your eyes in certain conditions. Read More 

Three Signs Your Child Needs An Eye Examination To Detect Possible Vision Problems

Your child's doctor will check for signs of vision problems during well-child visits as your baby grows, but you'll also want to have your child's vision checked by an optometrist before starting school. Formal vision testing picks up on problems that are easy to miss during a physical exam. Since good vision is extremely important to classroom learning, you don't want your child to develop learning problems unnecessarily. Here are some signs that might indicate your child has vision problems and that it's time for a vision test: Read More 

Tips For Caring For Your Eyeglasses

Your eyeglasses can be essential to giving you the ability to see the world around you and to enjoy the activities you like doing. Yet, individuals are often unaware of the basic types of care that they should do to keep their glasses in good condition while avoiding potential problems that could lead to disruptions. Invest In A Hard Case You may assume that a case for your glasses will simply be an additional expense. Read More 

Diabetes And Eye Care: Keep Your Vision In Good Health

Your primary care doctor can help you manage your diabetes to avoid complications with your health. But when it comes to your vision, you need to work hard to prevent your high blood sugar from harming your eyes or their tissues. You can also take precautions with your vision with the tips below. Alleviate Your Stress Eating right and exercising regularly aren't the only ways to manage your high blood sugar. Read More